Ventriloquist Chris Cross & Louie

When I decided yesterday to put up the mystery picture of the ventriloquist and his dummy and asked for both the name of the ventriloquist and his figure, I thought I may get everyone stumped.

However, Steve the webmaster bet me $100.00 that Bob Isaacson would give the correct answer right away and he was absolutely right. Bob is the person who knew exactly that this was Chris Cross and Louie.

I thought I would give you a little more information about this great past ventriloquist. Chris Cross was a clever performer using a dummy dressed as a cowboy, Louie, with a very expressive face and a find character (as you can tell by the photo).


I’ve read where he also used two black figures that attained a very unusual effect with the use of a black light (this is something I wish I could have seen and would love to know where those black figures are now).

By all accounts, he was very fine performer.

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7 Responses to Ventriloquist Chris Cross & Louie

  1. George Boosey says:

    He really was good. I remember Ed Sullivan saying that fellow Vents considered Chris Cross one of the best in the business.

  2. Richard W. Christensen says:

    Chris Cross was my brother and we have given all of his dolls including Louie and Christine plus all the other ones to Van Haven Museum in Ky. He was a great Ventriloquist . We have obtained a CD copy of when he was on the Ed Sullivan show if anyone else has any CD we would love to have them.

    • Jim Gray says:

      Hello Richard,

      My mother Barbara Gray originally Barbara Cross met your brother the ventriloquist many years ago on a cruise ship he was performing on. She was a passenger and their bags got mixed up because of the same name. She and your brother were very close and she remmbers him as being a very sensitive and caring man who had a very soft side that she very much liked. She remembers his act all these years later and has very fond memories of him. She has lived in Sydney Australia all her life.

      Kind regards
      Jim Gray

      PS: I hope your well :)

  3. Richard W. Christensen says:

    Sorry it was Vent Haven Museum in Ky .

    Richard W. Christensen

  4. Neal Smith says:

    Have an old vid of Criss and “Louie” doing the old “Two things to worry about” routine. They were fantastic.

    • Jerome Goodspeed says:

      Hi Neal,

      I used to have a vhs tape of Criss Cross on the Ed Sullivan show but I lost it when I moved. Do you have a copy I can purchase from you?

      Jerry Goodspeed

  5. Phyllis M Preston says:

    Was this the same guy who appeared on Ed Sullivan with a kid puppet sing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus?

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