Ventriloquist Central Video Collecting Series – Rita Winchell’s “Harry Mahoney”

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We posted a picture of a “mystery female ventriloquist” which turned out to be Rita Winchell, the younger sister of ventriloquist Paul Winchell and we posted information about creating a “Special Tribute Page” for Rita Winchell (click here for Rita Winchell page).

Plus I have more news (which I’m sure you’ve guessed by now)….

I was so excited when the children of Rita Winchell contacted me and showed me pictures of Harry Mahoney. The children decided that Harry should come to reside here at the Ventriloquist Central Collection so here he is in all his beauty.

And to introduce you to “Harry Mahoney” I did this little video for all of you to see.


Click here to see more about Harry Mahoney



Dan Willinger is a ventriloquism enthusiast and ventriloquist figure collector. He has been collecting for over 25 years. He created the Ventriloquist Central Collection. It now has over 100 ventriloquist figures and over 50 of them are Frank Marshall figures. Because of his love for the art of ventriloquism, Mr. Willinger created the website Ventriloquist Central. For more information about the website, go to:

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4 Responses to Ventriloquist Central Video Collecting Series – Rita Winchell’s “Harry Mahoney”

  1. bob isaacson says:

    Thanks for the “inside” look of Harry Mahoney Dan. Another Marshall, figure in wonderful condition. Same set up as Paul’s controls; even the leather under the neck, just like Jerry. A wonderful addition to the collection !

  2. LeeDean says:

    Beautiful piece, Dan, Jeffrey and Nancy. Rita was a beautiful person. Harry was truly her lifelong friend, and now in the Willinger collection along with story and pictures of her life.

  3. nick says:

    I must congratulate you on your acquisition a real prize..

  4. John Robinson says:

    What a treasure, Dan. You know how to tempt even a minister to break the 10th Commandment! ha Pastor John in VA

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