Ventriloquist Central and Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady

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Yesterday’s blog had to do with ventriloquist Terry Fator and his newest character, Berry Fabulous.

This weekend, Miss Arkansas and first runner up to Miss America, Alyse Eady will be opening for Terry Fator.

My webmaster and partner, Steve Hurst has been talking with Alyse and has some “behind the scenes” information that happened before the Miss America Pageant. Plus his own “Charlie Dawg” ventriloquist figure will be performing with Alyse.


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3 Responses to Ventriloquist Central and Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady

  1. bob isaacson says:

    Steve…great story about Alyse & her “mishaps” with the vent figure. Nice to know that there are people in the vent community that are ready & willing to jump in and solve these problems that need “instant solving”. Appreciate your “behind the scenes”, information for all of us & thanks for being a “problem solver”……Bob Isaacson

  2. Steve,

    It almost seems with her luck that she might ought to have one or two soft sculpture puppets in her bag of tricks since they are almost indestructable from the type of problems she has had.

    Steve at The Dummy Shoppe

  3. Ron Scherer says:

    Gotta tell ya Steve you live up to your reputation. I knew when we met, you are one who would go the extra mile to help out another. I’m sure Alyse is more than excited she gets to work with such a wonderful figger. You do know though, Dawg just might want to stay with her ! Now are you going to get Alyse to The VENTRILOQUIST CENTRAL BIRTHDAY BASH ??????? I’m just saying …. : )
    Wishing you well my friend.
    Ron Scherer

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