Ventriloquist Bell Ringers Ensemble Sold

ventriloquist bell ringers

A few weeks ago we gave you the link for this wonderful set of antique ventriloquist figures (Click here to see Ventriloquist Bell Ringers! Rare & Awesome)

Now I can report that they did in fact find a new home at the tidy sum of $26,500.00 plus there is also a buyers premium charged on top of the winning bid.

I am not sure what that charge happens to be but usually it is between 10 and 20% of the final bid. These were pre auction estimated at 30 to 40 thousand so that was a pretty good estimate. They also sold to a bidder on the auction floor and not an Internet bidder.



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  1. Bill Smith says:

    Wonder if it was David Copperfield. He owns one of Bergen’s Charlies, Senor Wences’s Whole act that fellow magician Norm Nielsen sold him. I know LaFong has a johnny & pedro, but he had more than one & he & Norm were close friends, & i was told by Wences’s Grand daughter, that he wanted his puppets to go to vent haven, but his widow Tally didn’t honor his wishes, and gave or sold them, and other puppets to Norm instead for some reason. They were shown in Norm’s home, beautifully displayed, & him talking about it on the film that debuted at the 2008 convention. I THINK that was “I’m No Dummy”. Don’t know if that footage is on the dvd, haven’t seen the retail copy, & they said it wasn’t done being edited yet at the time. Copperfield has also bought every major magic collection in the world. Sure wish he’d open a museam, but was told by a friend of his he has no intention of it! GRRRR!!!!! Just a bit more history i thought you’d be interested in. & now, i’ll vamoos :)

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