Ventriloquism – Punch and Judy

At one time almost all the makers of ventriloquist figures also made Punch and Judy puppets or at least advertised that they were for sale. Finis Robinson sold them and so did Frank Marshall.

Frank had a complete page in his 1931 catalogue just for Punch & Judy. I have been told that he imported the puppets and then did his own paint job on them. I have seen some of Marshall’s Punch and Judy puppets and the paint was his unmistakable Marshall Orange.

Here is a picture of Frank’s Punch & Judy puppets.

Frank Marshall Punch & Judy Puppets

Today there are very few remaining makers of this venue in puppetry. I am not privy to any American maker but I do know that in England Geoff Felix still makes Punch & Judy puppets but he will not sell to us here in the US.

I did find this great site belonging to Bryan Clark who produces hand carved wooden Punch & Judy puppets in the old tradition. These are fine puppets and I think are terrific and for the work involved are not a bad price. Take a look at this man’s web site and be sure to watch his video.

Bryan Clarke professional puppet maker




Dan Willinger is a ventriloquism enthusiast and ventriloquist figure collector. He has been collecting for over 25 years. His collection of ventriloquist figures now numbers over 100 figures of which there are over 50 Frank Marshall figures. Because of his love for the art of ventriloquism, Mr. Willinger created the website Ventriloquist Central. For more information about the website, go to:

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  1. Bob Conrad says:

    Truley fascinating web site and video. I really enjoyed seeing it. It’s nice to know someone is still carrying onthe tradition. I used to perform my own version of “Punch & Judy”. My figures were cast from Plastic wood. I still have them , but no longer use them.
    Thanks Dan

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