Ventriloquism Blooper, What would you do?

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Every single person who ever they may be, that has performed, has made a blooper. With permission from Bob Abdou, from the Barker Magazine, I just had to show you this story of an actual blooper with ventriloquist Barry Andrews.

It is a laugh scream and everyone wishes this would be the outcome of their blooper.

So, what kind of “bloopers” have happened to you???



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4 Responses to Ventriloquism Blooper, What would you do?

  1. Bill Smith says:

    Not beefing here, but I just don’t see how this could have really happened. Not unless there’s a way to control moving eyes, mouth, etc without having them have strings/rods that tie between the mechanics & the head stick. Plus, not saying it couldn’t happen, but a figures head is typically pretty darn well attatched to the headstick. Like i said, not beefing, just perplexed :)

  2. Wanlu says:

    I read in John Schaibley’s memoirs that a hand fell off accidentally in one performance. It got a lot of laughs so he made it a part of the act. :)

    In my case, one of the eyebrows of my Payes figure is a bit defective, it falls down covering the eye if the lever is released with a jerk. It happened accidentally in one show so once in awhile I do it and pretend its unintentional. :)

  3. bob abdou says:

    Hey Bill, this did happen, and I have heard similar stories from 2 other vents, head can break apart from the headstick, especially when trying to cut corners on building them or with many shows, wear and tear, they do come apart, I have one dummy that is like that now, it was basically put together with a wooden rod shoved inside the neck cavity with no screws, glue or putty. When I got it, the whole head just split apart in half, I thought I broke it but once I realized that with age, the stick and head were in 2 different pieces, I just put it together like a jigsaw puzzle and leave it alone.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Bob. Guess the unbelievable can sometimes be true. :)

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