Upper Lip Effect On Ventriloquist Figure

I was posed a good question concerning the use of the upper lip effect on ventriloquist figures. The question was should a performer use the upper lip to help create a more viable look of the ventriloquist figure pronouncing the labial words. I thought that this was a great question but not really what the upper lip effect was used for in performance.

For me the upper lip is used to give the figure a much wider open mouth in a surprised situation. It also gives a good smile to the figure. So I am going to throw this out to all you who read my blog and ask should the upper lip be used in a more natural manner representing how the mouth really works in regular conversation?

What are your thoughts???


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2 Responses to Upper Lip Effect On Ventriloquist Figure

  1. Austin Phillips says:

    I love the upper lip effect. I think it takes manipulation to the next step. I use it on my Insull head almost as much as the lower lip. It adds that bit more articulation and I always get compliments from friends on how great the mouth looks when the upper lip is used. Saying words like “French Fry” or other words that a normal human would you more teeth to say, using the upper lip, makes the figure look very much more alive.

  2. nick says:

    Only if the effect is simultaneous outside of that not really, My zauberklingl has a lever to do both simultaneously and both mouth and upper lip separately. The upper lip is better used as a special and rarely used effect. Yes have more of a life like articulation is great but it should be a dummy not a small person up on stage.. Bergen didn’t need more then a mouth movement to entertain

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