Underwear On Ventriloquist Figures

This is very disturbing as far as I am concerned. I purchased a figure for the Ventriloquist Central Collection and the cloths needed to be cleaned as they were very soiled.

I was undressing him and to my amazement he actually was wearing an undershirt and underpants under the clothing. I really should have taken some pictures to share but this really creeped me out and I discarded them while I put the regular clothing in the washing machine.

I guess what made it so creepy was that the figure had been in the basement and so there was some water spots and of course age and so the underwear had these yellow soil stains on them. Only from the water but you get the idea.

In one of our interviews we did with Ray Guyll, he mentioned getting a figure one time that was wearing underwear.

My question is do any of you out there put underwear on your figures before you dress them?


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5 Responses to Underwear On Ventriloquist Figures

  1. I put Depends on Mr. Johnson and Papa. It’s tough getting old. ;)

  2. Ted Nunes says:

    Boxers or briefs?

    I’ve heard that many actors build a character from the underwear up, so maybe this was a method dummy.

  3. I can see there may be some benefit to putting a tee shirt on some figures under the shirt to help provide some padding ,hide the neck and shoulder join if the top button or 2 are left open or if the top shirt may be thin enough to see through. Undershorts? Kinda weird I think.

  4. Bill Matthews says:

    Well, I don’t have underwear on Larry, per se, but he does have little girl’s leotards on. His legs were getting ready to fall off, and the best remedy at the time were the leotards to hold the legs in place. Works pretty good.

  5. nick pawlow says:

    Some of my figures wear a thong, other’s have color coded underwear, yellow in the front, brown in the back.

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