Thirty Three Years And Seems Like Minutes

I just can’t believe it but Helen, my wife and partner, and I have today made it to our 33rd wedding anniversary. It just seems like yesterday when I volunteered to work for the Cerebral Palsy Telethon where we met.

I instantly had the sparks flying and I guess Helen did also. We met dated for a month and I asked her to marry me (I just knew I wanted her) and she said YES!! Five months later we were married. So I defy anyone to say there is no such thing as love at first sight. We have been lovers, best friends and partners in everything since then.

I just could not imagine being without her and this past convention was the very first time I did spend any significant time away from her. As much as I loved being at the ConVENTion and working I really did miss having Helen there with me. I can guarantee that she will be at ConVENTion next year. She did say she missed seeing everyone so she will have to return next year!!

In these hard and trying times I find it very comforting knowing my life partner is here with me no matter what. Yes it is a very hard job but the rewards far outweigh the work.

Thanks Helen for always being there for me!!



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3 Responses to Thirty Three Years And Seems Like Minutes

  1. George Boosey says:

    Congratulations Dan and Helen —
    You’re catching up with me and MJ (we had our 33rd on April 24). We dated while being competing wire service reporters — MJ was with The AP and I was with UPI. My two older brothers are both widowed now, but also had long marriages as did our parents and my kid sister, so these great long relationships run in the family. The long ones are the best ones, so I hope you and Helen are going out for a great celebratory dinner tonight.
    — George (and MJ Pearle)..

  2. Bob Conrad says:

    Happy Aniversary! I will be celebrating 41 years next month. Clinton Detwieler celebrated 54 years yesterday. Maybe ventriloquism is the secret to long lasting marriage!

  3. Keith Vance says:

    Dan and Helen,

    My sincerest congrats on 33 years! No doubt, there is such thing as love at first sight…lucky for you, Helen obviously is an angel of a girl! Not many wives would embrace or even tolerate, for that matter, sharing her home with all those pairs of eyes watching her every move! You’re a lucky guy…and with having gotten to know you from buying a couple of figures from me, Helen didn’t do too bad with her choice either!
    If she gets tired of you, she has an amazing variety of other dudes waiting on her, and she doesn’t even have to leave the house!

    Here’s to 33 more years!!

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