The Cadillac Of Ventriloquist Figures – McElroy

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One of the most often asked question of me is where someone can purchase a McElroy ventriloquist figure. I hate to give out the real answer but in reality there is no place at present time where you can purchase an original McElroy figure. They are all presently in the hands of just a few and to my knowledge none are for sale at the present time.

I will give a listing of the owners of McElroy figures to the best of my knowledge and please if I make a mistake or leave one out, let me know and I will certainly make the correction.

There are three McElroy figures in the Ventriloquist Central Collection and they are Happy Hazard (a Johnny Figure), Dizzy Dugan (originally a Frank Marshall) and Wally (a Troll).

Alan Ende has Linoleum and a Troll figure. Magician David Copperfield has two Sally Ann and Reggie Trickpuss.

Andy Gross has a Johnny and so does David Pendleton and they both use them in performance.

Johnny Gauhn a restorer of automata and builder of magic illusions also owns a Johnny.

Bruce and Janice McElroy (family of the brothers) own a Johnny and Kong (marionette).

Bob Isaacson also has a Kong marionette.

Jeff Dunham owns five consisting of Ollie/Ezry,Skinny Dugan, a Troll, Dudley and the Umpire(life size animatronic figure).

Figure builder Tim Selberg has Reggie II in his collection.

The Vent Haven Museum owns, Jacko, Cecill Wigglenose, Johnny, Troll #1 (Clyde), Troll #2. Troll #3 (Willie Talk), Kenny Talk, Little Joe, Ditty Talk for a total of nine figures.

To my knowledge these are all the known McElroy figures and unless you find one hidden away in some closet I don’t think you will find one.



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5 Responses to The Cadillac Of Ventriloquist Figures – McElroy

  1. LeeDean says:

    Dennis Alwood? The last figure made, first and only by McElroys using fiberglas, unless converted for movie Magic and no longer has, I don’t now. The figure’s name was Dudley.

  2. David Thrasher says:

    Maybe someday reproductions will be available for those who cannot get access to, or either afford, the actual McElroy figures.

  3. Dan says:

    Lee You unfortunately did not read the listings. Dudley is now in the possesiuon of Jeff Dunham.

  4. Dav id Ferdinand says:

    I am a member of the Mc Elroy fan club. I remember once asking why people dont make copies of the the famous figures. I have seen several on ebay and have considered making molds since the ocasional head up for sale is a very poor casting. Boy, people dont want to hear that since it would possibly bring down the value of these much sought after figures. Try Gregg Classens site he has some beutiful repos for sale. Someday I will buy on of those cheep castings and have one of my own.. Just my two cents worth. Dave, amature figure maker…

  5. Fay Ulanoff says:

    Hi I’m try to build the head of a McElroy and would appreciate any photos of the inside workings of one.
    Thanks Marv

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