Soap – Chuck, Bob, Jodie and the Refrigerator with Ventriloquist Jay Johnson

you tube soap ventriloquist jay johnson

We all know that ventriloquist Jay Johnson was on the sitcom “Soap.” I know I used to love the outrageous humor and comedy provided on that show.

Plus the fact that a ventriloquist was on it was all the better. Jay had very few lines on the show as himself. It was “Chuck” who did most of the talking.

Here’s a great scene I thought I would share with everyone where Jay actually has some lines:


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3 Responses to Soap – Chuck, Bob, Jodie and the Refrigerator with Ventriloquist Jay Johnson

  1. bill smith says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been a fan of jay’s ever since i first saw him on the tv show sha na na in the 1970’s, before soap! What a genius talent! & what a great & humble gentelman also! I had the good fortune to meet him at my first & second conVENTions in1988 & 1990, & was awstruck at what a nice man he is! I then had the extra good fortune, at the 1990 conVENTion, of being actually asked by his parents who were there, to sit with them during his lecture! All the rest of the convention, whenever jay would see me, he’d smile & say “hello bill”. & at the end of the convention, as well as just after his lecture, he thanked me for sitting with his wonderful parents during his lecture. Such a great talent & fantastic human being! I’ve never thought he has gotten the credit he so richly deserves for all he’s done, & continues to do for vent. Truly one of my all time favorite vents & people. :)

  2. P. Grecian says:

    I bought the boxed set of “Soap” specifically because of Jay. I remembered when it was on the network and how wonderful he was in it. I didn’t get a chance to see his Tony Award-winning stage show, but it’s coming out soon on DVD, and rest assured, the minute it’s available…it’s mine!
    A wonderful ventriloquist, a good and thoughtful man. Thanks for the share, Dan.

  3. Bob Andelman says:

    ALL NEW!!! Watch today’s Mr. Media Interviews by Bob Andelman for something you won’t see anywhere else as comedian and ventriloquist Jay Johnson throws his voice 3,000 miles! Somebody call Guinness World Records! This is amazing! One of my favorite shows of the year. Don’t know Jay? Do you remember the ABC-TV sitcom “Soap” that starred Billy Crystal as TV’s first “out” gay character? Jay played Billy’s ventriloquist brother, Chuck Campbell, who never appeared without his dummy, Bob. (No relation.)

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