Selling your Ventriloquist Figure

Many times I am asked why I do not sell on eBay very often so I thought I would go over this subject today. While I myself love eBay because it brings the entire world of selling to your finger tips I do feel that eBay has lost the spark it once had. They have become so strong and powerful that they have now made the only way you can do any transaction is by way of PayPal, which eBay owns.

The fees for final sales has risen dramatically and then the slice you lose as a seller to PayPal just made it, for me, a very expensive way to sell. I still feel that you should be able to accept a check or money order for payment and not have to double pay for the use of eBay.

We just instituted the $5.00 insertion fee for selling your figure or vent item on Ventriloquist Central in agreement with Puppets and Props and this small fee is like being able to sell vent items almost for free. It certainly is a lot less than using eBay. Also you can accept payment in any form you desire. You are the boss and you don’t have big brother watching you over your shoulder.

I am not saying I myself will not use eBay but I must admit that over the past year or so I have much more success with the Ventriloquist Marketplace. Just remember we now have a viewership of over 1500 per day so if you are going to sell your vent items we know you are getting great exposure here and on Puppets and Props.

Maybe some day eBay will return to the way it used to be. I do know they are not doing the business they used to not so long ago.




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  1. Bill Smith says:


    Thanks for this info! I had HEARD ebay was an expensive way to sell for individuals, but it’s nice to really “get the scoop”! I have no interest in selling any of MY collection at this time, but if I do, it will be through you guys, THAT’S for sure!! All my best, & happy holidays to all!

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