Right Hand or Left Hand

I would like to put this out to you all and hopefully I will get some feedback. I am right handed and have played with my figures, some being set up for right hand and some for left hand and I have to say I do not find it hard to control a figure with either hand regardless of if the mouth movement is by thumb or forefinger. In selling of my figures from time to time I am asked if it is set up for thumb or forefinger but why?? I just don’t seem to see why one digit is better than another. I would love someone to enlighten me on this.
Now I do know that Paul Winchell had his controls set up so that his mouth control was dead center in the front of the head stick and the eye control was in the center on the back. This made for control function being the same with either hand. This seems like the best setup to solve this problem but I am still stuck on why it is better with thumb or forefinger.


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  1. Lee Dean says:

    Setup for right or left hand best with forefinger for jaw because forefinger extension almost 180 degrees either side , but for variety of expression jaw lever front and center allows different options for other controls and over-extension of head using thumb center and looking toward vent and first finger center and looking away from vent more than 180 degrees, also good for rapid turning by thumb/forefinger pincer, also good for head heavier than basswood by gripping with four fingers.

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