Ray Guyll and Paul Dorset, A Gwillville Audio Interview

fergus fedderfeenys food factory

Here is a great audio interview with master ventriloquist figure builder, Ray Guyll and author Paul Dorset. Instead of me writing about this interview here it is in Ray’s own words:

When I first got into ventriloquism I was bothered to learn that there were many misconceptions about ventriloquist dummies. Some folks were afraid of them and some thought of them as evil due to the way they were represented in movies, television, etc. To me this was a sacrilege! I absolutely loved ventriloquial figures so why shouldn’t everyone?

Over the years I did what I could to amend the misconceptions but one audience at a time just wasn’t enough. I needed to find a way to reach more people. Then in the mid 1980’s it hit me! How about creating a whole community of ventriloquist dummies that have normal lives of their own? They could live and interact just as we humans do in our daily lives. However there would be exceptions. One such exception, among others, would be that they never age. Also, it could be explained that some of the figures had acted in a movie, TV show, etc. and were just playing parts that were given to him/her. In actuality, the character was very nice and friendly.

This idea floated around in my head for several years and then in 2008 I met John Cox who authored writings using his pen name, Paul Dorset. John was very interested in ventriloquism and I needed someone to put my stories in book form. He liked the idea of the dummy town and before I knew it he had finished the first draft of the Gwillville (John came up with that name) stories. I was thrilled!

It has taken almost three years to get the project off the ground but I’m happy to announce that the first book, “Fergus Fedderfeeny’s Food Factory” is now available on Amazon.com. I just learned that book two has just been made available and book three will follow shortly.

I’m hoping that these writings will help to give ventriloquists and their vent figures the respect they deserve!

If you’re able to obtain a copy please let me know what you think.

Enjoy the interview



As you can tell from the interview, we had a good time and both Steve and I are hooked on reading about “Gwillville”.

If you would like to order any of the books, either in downloadable form or paper back book, here are the links:

fergus fedderfeenys food factory
Fergus Fedderfeeny’s Food Factory

Click here for paper back book

Click here for Kindle/downloadable

jai and jasmines jeopardous journey-kindle
Jai and Jasmine’s Jeopardous Journey

Click here for Kindle/downloadable

If you would like to know more about the author Paul Dorset, check out his blog:




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