Pivot Point Of Ventriloquist Figure Mouth

It really is amazing how bad some figure makers did when it came to placement of the mouth in the figures head and how the mouth palate worked once done. A great example of how not to do a mouth was by Craig Lovik, who may have sold more figures in his time than most anyone else. He never really figured out the geometry of the mouth to have the jaw swing in the correct manner.

Lovik’s mouth always opened so that the top portion of the palate protruded showing the points of the palate. Also he cut the neck wrong resulting in a huge gap under the chin.Many were fortunate to have Clinton Detweiler repair that large gap.

So back to the palate. I said geometry so picture this you take a side view of the figures head, draw a circle and lay it over the face with the bottom edge of the circle lining up with the bottom edge of the cheek and mouth. With the circle in this position the center of the circle gives you the exact spot of the axle for the jaw or the so called pivot point.

If you are going to build ventriloquist figures this is the way to do the jaw in a correct manner and the easiest way to determine the pivot point.


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  1. Bill Matthews says:

    Can you show us a diagram or picture illustrating this? I’m sure it would be beneficial. Thanks

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