Petee a Ventriloquist Figure Maker's Name

If you have followed my blogs and looked at my figures on the collection page , then you have no doubt looked at the figures that were made by Revello Petee. What you may not have know is that the Petee name was a very very long lived name in figure making.
Julian Petee was the grandfather of Revello Petee and he, at the age of 20, started making store display mannequins in his home country France in a small town named Paris. This was in the year 1845. Julien worked at this profession but in the year 1899 he emigrated to the United States and opened a ventriloquist figure making shop in San Francisco California.
In the year 1906 San Francisco suffered one of the worst earthquakes in United States history. Julien’s shop was burned out. He then moved from San Francisco to Fresno and was in the process of starting up his ventriloquist figure making business but he unfortunately passed on. He was 86 years of age. His grandson Revello took over the opening of the shop and continued in his grandfathers footsteps carving some great ventriloquist figures until 1955. His very first figure named Eddie Reed, is a permanent figure in the Vent Haven Museum. If you attend the convention make sure you look for him when you go to the museum.
To sum up the Petee name was synonymous with figure making for over 100 years.

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