Pete Michaels and Pete Jr Visit Ventriloquist Central Collection


I had a great time when my old friend Pete Michaels arrived with his son Pete Jr. to see the Ventriloquist Central Collection. Pete was booked for a gig at the Kowloon Comedy Club in Saugus Ma which is all of about 4 miles from my house so to visit was a no brainer.

I actually had more time with them to show the collection than I expected and if things work out they will return in the morning for a reprieve.

Just remember if you are going to be in the Boston area just let me know and you too can come on over and see the collection.


Have you seen the Frank Marshall Tribute DVD, click here


Ventriloquist Central is the brainchild of Dan Willinger and Steve Hurst. Dan is a ventriloquism enthusiast and ventriloquist figure collector. He has been collecting for over 25 years. He created the Ventriloquist Central Collection. It now has over 100 ventriloquist figures and over 50 of them are Frank Marshall figures. Steve is a ventriloquist as well as builder of ventriloquist figures. He also has a background in sales, marketing, building websites and computers. Because they both love the art of ventriloquism, the website Ventriloquist Central was born. For more information about the website, go to:

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2 Responses to Pete Michaels and Pete Jr Visit Ventriloquist Central Collection

  1. The ventriloquist central guest book is looking good!

  2. Bob Isaacson says:

    It’s great to see Pete back on his feet & to hear he’s performing. Also wonderful to see Peter Jr. My, how he’s growing tall. Looking forward to seeing all at the VH convention.

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