Paul Winchell Carved Items

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I am always searching for Frank Marshall Ventriloquist figures and I always state that I will also purchase any parts such as heads, hands, bodies, feet ect ect for my collection. Well it so happened that quite a number of years ago I did in fact purchase a bunch of parts and these feet, which are not completely finished, yet carved from basswood, were included in the lot. They were put aside with my intenions of someday possibly finishing them and then using them on a figure.

Back a couple weeks ago I was happy to share with all of you some fantastic photos of Paul Winchell during a photo shoot for the 1952 Sept issue of life magazine. Well after looking at all the pictures one of them sent me into a tailspin. The photo of Paul carving away at a foot. You guessed it the pair of unfinished feet that I have had for years were the creation of Paul Winchell.

I have included the picture of which I am talking and also pictures of these feet that I now own. I am also including for you to see a wonderful carved basswood head of Knucklehead Smiff which was carved by Paul in the 1960’s but never completed. Just a wonderful carving done by the great Paul Winchell. A testiment to this man’s genious.

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3 Responses to Paul Winchell Carved Items

  1. Chuck and Dante says:

    That is a really great discovery. But I have to ask, what makes you 100% sure that they are the same feet? I am not trying to cast a doubt, but am courious as to what led you to the conclusion.

  2. Charles in the photo showing Winch ,before I scanned it , for you all to see, you can actually see all the carving marks which when I compared matched exactly. Also the shape of the large toes and how they are extended upwards. When I saw the photo I just knew these were the actual feet. If someone can prove me wrong I would of course retract this whole statement.

  3. Charles Prouty says:

    I have no doubts that you are correct, I was just wondering. I am very happy for you to make such a great discovery. I wish you many more. I may be heading to the north east this summer, if I do, you bet I will be calling to say hi!

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