Pastor Scott Bryte's Sparky Ventriloquist Figure


It was my pleasure to have Pastor Scott come to see the Ventriloquist Central Collection. He had a wonderful time seeing the figures and actually looking at some of the mechanics in the figures of the past. He told me he was very impressed with the simplicity of some of the movements and how they has stood the test of time. He planned on incorporating some that he had seen into his own work.

I was thrilled because Scott decided to donate his Sparky character to the Ventriloquist Central Collection. So that this figure can be seen by everyone I have taken these pictures for you and they will be on the site under Ventriloquist Central Collection, maker Pastor Scott Bryte.

This figure is the largest figure in the collection standing over five feet tall. His head is carved out of pine and so are his hands. The figure has side to side self centering eyes, slot jaw and blinkers. His head opens in the front so that you can place ideas in his head and it also lights up. The back of his head opens fully to access the mechanics which I also must say are beautiful. The hands are removable from the body and are held on with locks. The body has a rocking clavicle (think Foy Brown) so that Sparky can look straight down when he is seated or in standing position.


Click here to see Pastor Scott Bryte’s Sparky Ventriloquist Figure

Paster Scott is a great carver and if you want a figure carved in wood he can make you just about anything and he also loves to do caricature carvings. He will carve a face to look like your own. This is a great talent for sure. He does sell figures and we have a few of his smaller figures listed on the Ventriloquist Central Marketplace or you can certainly contact him and discuss your needs.

You can get his contact information on the “Hard Figure Makers” page.




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  1. LeeDean says:

    Scott Bryte is a fine figure maker with lots of ideas put into his figures.

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