Pastor Scott Bryte’s “Senex, the World’s Oldest Man”


We received a nice email from Pastor Scott Bryte showing us this figure he built.

Dan and Steve,

Thought you might like to see my latest revision of “Senex, the world’s oldest man”. Head is pine, hands are basswood.

His name is Senex (Latin for “Old Man”. The root word of both Senate and Senile)
This is actually a re-working ( a re-re-re-re-reworking, to be honest) of my first figure. He was conceived as a walking figure, but after several failed attempts, I finally gave up on that. He sat unused in my basement for years.

Because of his size, he’s pretty heavy, so the wheel chair is a necessity. He stands about 4’5″ (with his walking body he had been over 5 feet tall).




He also sent us this video of him using “Senex”.




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6 Responses to Pastor Scott Bryte’s “Senex, the World’s Oldest Man”

  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    Wow!. Pastor Scott Bryte has amazed us again with his carving talents. What a temendous character is “Senex”. . Such a life like character. And a terrific job Pastor Bryte did in delivering his “message” to the audience. Thanks for sharing.!

  2. Mike Palma says:

    Just wonderful workmanship!! Keep up the great work pastor Scott!!!!

  3. Tonya says:

    Wbsolutley Wonderful! Amazing message and the figure is unbelievable. At first glance I thought the photo’s were of an actual person. Amazing detail and artistry.
    Just… Beautifully breath taking.
    MAjor Kudo’s

  4. Phil Nichols says:

    That’s a great piece of art right there!

  5. John Pizzi says:

    I am always amazes at the Pastors out of the box thinking in his characters. bravo!

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