Old Man Winter Hit Me !!

Living in Boston is a wonderful thing if you love the seasonal changes because we have everything. Included is the fact that sometimes we do get buried with snow in the winter.

The total amount of snowfall on average for Boston is around 38″ and we have already surpassed that this season and the heaviest snow fall time is just starting. Boston usual gets hit hardest from Jan 20 to Feb 15th according to the meteorologists. Well I am really tired of it this year.

Yesterday, Jan 18th, the snow started falling at 6:45am here in sunny Malden, a suburb about 6 miles north of Boston . It didn’t stop snowing until around 5PM.

At that time outside my back door I stuck a ruler into the snow and it was 11″ deep. Now the TV stations reported that Boston had between 6 and 8 inches. Not so here. At about 10:00 PM it started snowing again and this morning I used a yardstick and it was now 17″ deep. So now the work begins.

As a youth I loved to grab my shovel and go out and earn a few dollars helping the neighbors shovel but those days seem to have passed. I asked the young boy that lives across the road what he would want to shovel out my front and back steps and he said” He Mr Willinger that is a big job, I want $85.00″ a very enterprising kid. I passed on his offer and have just come inside after shoveling myself.

Here are some pictures of today’s snow fall with my walks shoveled and around my car. The driveway still has yet to be done. That’s Old Man Winter!!!

winter01 winter02 winter03 winter04



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2 Responses to Old Man Winter Hit Me !!

  1. bob abdou says:

    damn that’s a lot of snow,

    right now, we have the air conditioner on full blast and it’s still hot!
    I guess the only good thing about living in texas is the hot weather in winter,
    just don’t come here in august,

    since you passed on that kid to shovel your snow, I just hope you did not ask Helen!!

    stay warm,
    your ventbro
    bob abdou

  2. George Boosey says:

    Dan —
    Get yourself a blower, my friend. I bought one when we lived in the Twin Cities and had 33 inches on Halloween and another 14 inches on Thanksgiving. I kept it for those dozen years we lived in the Boston area and kindly gave it to my neighbor in Framingham as we loaded the moving van to move down here to North Carolina. On Tuesday of this week, I got out my snow shovel and happily cleared the driveway of the three or four inches of snow we got overnight — our second on-the-ground snowfall in four years!
    — George..

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