No One Is Immune

As if buying ventriloquist dummies wasn’t expensive enough… my quest has been interrupted by all the inclement weather that the entire country has been faced with this summer. Granted I have not had the hurricane winds that the gulf coast has faced but the remnants of the storms came through New England and in the past 3 weeks have dumped multiple inches of rain.

As the rain poured down about 2 weeks ago I heard something strange coming from my living room. Yup you guessed it, I had a leak. My house is 3 stories high so my living room is on the first floor. This meant I must have a whopper of a leak upstairs. I went up to our bedroom but no leak. I went into the attic and again no leak. I scratched my head because I could not find anything wet.

Water does find its own way!!

I called a roofer the next day and after he was on the roof for about ten minutes he called down and asked if I was afraid of heights because he wanted me to climb up to see what he had found. When I got up there I saw that my existing roof shingles were all buckled and broken. The roof had to be stripped and replaced.

This was not happy news for me but I had to bite the bullet and get it done. I thought you all would get a kick out of seeing the roof in progress. I am certainly glad that roofing is not my job.

dansroof01 dansroof02 dansroof03



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3 Responses to No One Is Immune

  1. Bill Smith, Nedrow, N.Y. says:


    GOD! So sorry to hear this. Posted my message before reading this. Glad everything is ok now & especially that you & yours are ok! God bless. Bill

  2. Al Stevens says:

    I am having two roofs installed now, one on the house and one on the studio/workshop. The upside to it is that I scavanged all the pallets on which they delivered the shingles. Those pallets are made of basswood and they toss them in the dumpster after they offload the shingles onto the roof. I have enough basswood now for probably the rest of my life.

  3. Ed Thomas& Hugo says:

    Hi Dan-Sorry to hear about you rains. We got a lot of rain from Faye as she blew through. Maybe you should get some of that excess wood from Al Stevensin case you need to start building an arck.

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