Nelson Jackson Ventriloquist Figures

Bill Nelson is world renowned illustrator and figure maker.  During the late 1980’s he and Chuck Jackson produced a superior line of carved basswood ventriloquist figures. Unfortunately for the ventriloquist community this collaboration was very short lived and not many of the figures were sold.  This makes them one of the really collectible ventriloquist figures of today that does not have a lot of age. I have owned two of these wonderful creations and they really are fun ventriloquist figures.

I am sure many of you, who are new to the ventriloquist world, have not seen these creations so with kind permission from Bill Nelson it is my pleasure to show to you two of Bill’s ads for his marvelous creations and a group shot of some of the ventriloquist figures they produced. I am sure you will say “Can I Buy One?!!!”

 Nelson/Jackson Ventriloquist Figures      Nelson/Jackson Ventriloquist Figures    Nelson/Jackson Ventriloquist Figures



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  1. Tim Whiting says:

    I just wanted to let you know that as a teenager, I spent summers working for Chuck Jackson. It is very likely that I sanded the hands, feet, and even head of your figures. I accidently happened upon your page and am happy to know that others know of these figures. When I see “Mr. Horowitz” (I believe that was his name) in the public eye, I get proud

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