Mystery Ventriloquist Fun

It has been a while since the last time I posted a can you guess so thought I would get you all to again put on your thinking caps and see if you can identify this particular ventriloquist.



I will tell you he started ventriloquism in 1915 and was a student of the Great Lester.



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8 Responses to Mystery Ventriloquist Fun

  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    That’s Les Lester Sr., father of les Lester Jr. (real name lester Rizek) senior Rizek met Frank Marshall while both were young men; remained friends for the rest of their lives

  2. Les Lamborn says:

    I believe that is Lester Marshall Sr. I’m not sure that was his real name but that it the one he was known as when I met him in the late 60’s or early 70’s in Chicago.

  3. My guess is the mystery vent is Dick Bruno and “Joe Flip.”

  4. Mike Palma says:

    Is it Ron Blaskett?

  5. Joe Lopez says:

    I concur with Bob and Les, This is Lester Marshall Sr. He’s real last name was
    Rizek. For his stage name or Vent name He took Lester from ” The Great Lester ”
    and Marshall from Frank Marshall.

  6. Dan I have to ask how did you ever become interested in being a ventriloquist? it is such an unusual profession. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s amazing I find it highly entertaining. Just not your average job/hobby

  7. Jack I am sorry but I am NOT a ventriloquist. I am a collector of ventriloquist figures and love the art. I present information both old and new concerning this field here on Ventriloquist Central with the help of my partner Steve Hurst. My profession is I am a Constable and work for the court system here in Massachusetts.

  8. Lee Dean says:

    And I am a lawyer in the court system in KY. The important thing to remember is that the ventriloquial figure is ageless, doesn’t get any older, and will keep you as young as when you first became interested in the art. If you were age 12 when got interested you will forever be that age when you pick up the figure. If you became interested at age 50, you will forever be that old when you handle the figure. Words need not necessarily be spoken, as the main connection is movement, simply handling the figure, engaging the controls, and pretending conversation if nothing else.

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