My Marshall Story by Ony Carcamo

Our good friend from the Philippines, Ony Carcamo, sent in this nice story about his Frank Marshall Figure!

My Marshall Story
by Ony Carcamo

Since doing ventriloquism two decades ago, I’ve always dreamed of owning and using a Frank Marshall figure. Just like many vents of this and the past generations, I love the look of a Marshall. It is beautiful, classic, and truly represents the look of a vent figure as we know it.

I have owned a Mack, a Selberg, a Hartz, a Lovik, a Boley, a Turner, a Spencer, a Detweiler, a McRay… and only a Marshall will complete my dream cast!

But as everyone knows, acquiring a Marshall was not easy. First, I was in the Philippines, a galaxy away from the USA, where almost all of Marshall’s figures were. Second, it was so rare to see one on sale, because owners usually don’t want to part with their Marshalls. And third, I didn’t have the money.

Of all of Marshall’s creations, I loved the Rickie Tik. I loved it more than the Nosey. I thought Tik’s face and size was perfect for my audiences, especially the small kids. So I longed for a Tik, even if it seemed impossible because I didn’t see that many Tiks around.

But I believed in miracles. I believed in “The Secret.” I believed that if I visualize myself using a Marshall it will come true one day.

In 2010, something helped me visualize that dream better. I saw an exact Rickie Tik replica in ebay, and I grabbed it fast. I used it in my shows, each time visualizing that I was holding a real one. I already played in my mind that I am using a true Tik.

And then it happened this year. I finally got an original Marshall Rickie Tik now and I have been using him already in my performances. He has side-to-side eye movements, right winker, slot jaw, and wooden legs! I named him Kulas, a Filipino nickname.

When I received him, I was transported back in time when I first saw pictures of Jerry Mahoney, Gerry Gee, and Danny O’Day in the pages of the old Newsy Vents issues 20 years ago and dreamed of owning a Marshall someday. I felt again that excitement of a child opening his Christmas gift. A bit surreal.

Looking back now, I find it interesting and unusual that I owned a replica of a figure I liked first BEFORE owning an original one. Typically, vents own the original figure they want first and then own a replica of that figure (like Bergen, Winchell, etc.).

Kulas reminds me that dreams do come true. That realizing our dreams always starts with that longing in our heart, and with that picture in our mind that gives us a feeling of excitement and hope.

So what’s next for me? Maybe find a McElroy replica! Who knows? LOL

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Manila, fellow vents, fellow dreamers!

Ony Carcamo, Ventriloquist

Here’s the Rickie Tik replica Ony used many times before he got the real one

The original Marshall he now owns

Kulas with Ony in one of their recent performances

Ony, thanks so much for sharing with us.


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6 Responses to My Marshall Story by Ony Carcamo

  1. Wanlu says:

    When I met up with Ony recently to get the Hartz figure he was selling, I saw in his face that he is very happy with his new Marshall figure… good for you my friend! :)

    I would love to see Kulas in action in our next show together…

    Stay happy! :)

  2. LeeDean says:

    Overall best figure ever made by Frank Marshall.

  3. P. Grecian says:

    Great story. Great looking figure.

  4. Jim Manalli says:

    Congratulations and a wonderfull story!

  5. bob abdou says:

    one of the secrets to a successful career is to have the right tools, Ony you got it and it shows, good for you!!

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