My First Ventriloquist Figure Project "Bozo"

As some of you may or may not know, my partner and webmaster, Steve Hurst is also a figure builder who was trained by one of the best in business, Ray Guyll.

A few years ago, Steve put together his own ventriloquist figure building course, “The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Vol 1”.

Here is an email from one of the many people who have acquired this course by the name of Ron Cataldo along with a picture of his first creation:

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Hey Steve and Dan,

Well, I finally came to dramatic end of the “Bozo” project of my first dummy head. Boy did I learn a lot! Hopefully, my next head will be an improvement. But I had fun. It took me about five months on and off when I had time. The paint job was a quickie as you can tell. I didn’t do as well on the eye mechanism as I would have liked but at least one eye crosses and they both look to the right! Ha!

Thanks for your news letters as I always look forward to them! Keep up the great work, guys!

Steve, I purchased your Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure Vol.1 DVD’s just over five months ago.

Let me first say, these are a MUST HAVE! I have always wanted to build my own figure and your DVD’s gave me the confidence to get started as well as valuable information with the whole process! Your advice saved me a lot of frustration since this was my first time at figure making.

I now know I can begin my second figure and it will be even more exciting than the first one. The information in the Ultimate Guide DVD’s are invaluable! I enjoy watching them over and over again to gain more insight on figure building.

I can’t wait to get into the mold making process and duplicate one of my own figure heads! The Ultimate Guide DVD’s were exactly what I was looking for and needed!

Thanks so much for creating them. You truly are an inspiration to me with all the nuts and bolts of information you share in order to produce a ventriloquist figure.

Thanks Again!
Ron Cataldo



Ron, Steve told me that your first figure is better than the first one he ever built. Great job.

I know I speak for Steve when I say thanks for the nice things you said about his course.

Click here for more information about “The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Vol 1”



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