Mexican Ventriloquist Paco Miller And His Figure Don Roque


Hello Dan:
I found a lovely photo of ventriloquist Paco Miller. He was born in Ecuador in 1909 (or 1908) as Edmundo Jijon Serrano, but he became famous in Mexico, where he died in 1997 after an incredibly long and successful career as an artist and impresario. His figure’s name was Don Roque, (it appears as Don Rogue in Valentine Vox’s book and the name is wrong in it).

I understand David Copperfield wanted to buy this figure from Miller offering him amazing amounts of money, but… no way… Miller loved his figure.

Today his son, Edmundo Miller, a successful artist whose main figure is Don Lencho, uses Don Roque once in a while.

By the way, the movements of the figure are jaw and raising eyebrows, a strange combination, but a standard one in Mexican figures, believe it or not. Don Roque was designed by cartoonist Miguel Angel Gomez and carved by carpenter N. Cruz.

Hope you enjoy it.
Your Latin American/Canadian ventriloquist friend, Marcelo Melison.


Marcelo, thanks for sharing this information will us.



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2 Responses to Mexican Ventriloquist Paco Miller And His Figure Don Roque

  1. Nick Dosher says:

    Hey i know my mexican figure has only raising eyebrows and the mouth movement i know
    Bob Abdou and Dennis Alwood could also comment on this as they both also have a mexican figure in there collections

  2. ray says:

    I would like to contact Mr. Edmund Miller.

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