Mentor Project 2013 With Bob Abdou and Ventriloquist Central

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Watch the video below and read the information the Mentor Project 2013 with Bob Abdou and Ventriloquist Central.

We have 10 qualified, professional experts in ventriloquism: 8 men and 2 women with years of experience who are knowledgeable in different genres of ventriloquism. They will be helping three specially selected students to improve their ventriloquism and performance skills. The most improved student will be featured as “The Ventriloquist of the Week” on Ventriloquist Central blog!

Submissions June 1-10th

Applicants are asked to send in the link of a video, no longer than 10 minutes in length, to . One video per applicant. Deadline for submissions is June 10th. (We recommend that video submissions posted on You Tube be designated as “unlisted” at the time of submission.)

Open to all ages. Under 18 will require parental permission.

All kinds of ventriloquism will be considered (comedy, religious, educational, motivational, drama, etc.) and should reflect the performer’s signature performance style and genre.

Videos performed in front of a live audience will take priority.

Out of the submissions, three Students will be chosen. They will be announced on June 20th. (Those applicants not chosen will be put on a waiting list in case of cancellation or drop out.)

Mentoring process starts June 20th –July 20th

The three Students who agree to be mentored will be required to print out a script of their routine and fill out a questionnaire to help the mentors with their task.

Each student will be given to a team of three mentors who best fits the Student’s style. The completed questionnaire, written routine and video will be given to the mentors so they can best help their student.

Mentors will e-mail students their thoughts and suggestions regarding the video submission.

Mentors will help students in the area of: acting, manipulation, material, stage presence, appearance, lip control and other vital areas of ventriloquism.

Final Submissions due July 20th

The three Students will make and submit a new video to the administrators at the end of the mentoring time by July 20th (Students are able to share the videos with their mentors for review before submitting it to the administrators.)

Once all three “New & Improved” videos are submitted, they will be reviewed by all of the 9 mentors (along with the original “Before”, submission video) and the mentors will determine who has made the most progress.

The most improved Student will be showcased as “The Ventriloquist of the Week” on Ventriloquist Central blog and will receive a certificate announcing their accomplishment.

The other two students will also be featured on the Ventriloquist Central Blog.

The results will be announced in mid August

Click here to download pdf of Mentor Project 2013 Ventriloquist Central


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  1. I hope every vent wanting to better their act will take advantage of this opportunity. The winner becomes the Ventriloquist of the week on Ventriloquist Central blog which is seen by thousands daily all over the world!!

  2. Cathy Adams says:

    Thank you for making this opportunity available. I will definitely enter this.

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