“McElroy Magic” is a LIMITED EDITION


Do you own a copy of Greg Claassen’s magnificent “McElroy Magic?” If not, you may be interested in this.

Greg contacted us the other day to say that he has decided to make “McElroy Magic” a LIMITED EDITION publication. He said he sent out number 172 a few days ago and will only publish 200.

That means he only has 28 left and if you don’t have your copy, then you need to hurry.

Now even though this informational guide is mainly about how to build the mechanics for a McElroy style ventriloquist figure, it’s really much more than that. In fact, even if you’re NOT a builder, you would still enjoy it.

“McElroy Magic” is worth it just on its own merit, but NOW, since Greg has decided to only publish 200, that makes it the more valuable to have.

Be sure to take Greg up on this and grab one of the remaining 28 copies….you won’t be sorry.

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3 Responses to “McElroy Magic” is a LIMITED EDITION

  1. Ben and MJ says:

    Whilst I hope one day to own a McElroy clone figure by Greg Claassen (if indeed he even sells them) I don’t think I’d have the guts or patience to attempt to make one myself.

  2. P. Grecian says:

    I don’t plan to ever try to make a McElroy clone, but I do own the book. It’s got lots of great history and illustrations as well some of the finest schematics I’ve ever seen. While I’ll never make a faux McElroy, I have made other kinds of puppets and figures, and this book is a virtual encyclopedia of some of the strongest methods. There’s even a list of parts suppliers. Oh, and mine’s autographed; I assume he’ll autograph any copies he sells. I know this sounds like I’m on the payroll, but I’m not. I’m just enthusiastic about the book and figure that anybody who doesn’t have it now will be looking for it on ebay or Amazon one of these days!

    • Peter Meehan says:

      I bought a troll from Alan Ende around 2005.I wrote a comedy script around the figure (condo commandoes in naples)by making him live by hollywood magic. I never got any interest in hollywood. It was senior insanity in condo associations. I just saw that the troll was so unique with that lovable homely face, and would be a killer if you copied bruno mars(1.7 billon hits on u-tube)style. I outlined a sequel (condo commandos in vegas) where he becomes president of the condo association(ramp up the insanity)the whole thing became too much for me. I sold the figure to D. alwood who sold it to Dunham .I made a copy of the head by going to schulpering class.I just saw it as a growing market without the continual violence out there.

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