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Dan Bernier was kind enough to allow me to share this great routine with all of you who read my blog. If you ever wanted to incorporate a bit of mental magic into your vent routine then you are going to love this. I think it sounds really stupendous. Dan has also said he will be doing a video of this routine and will share it with us as well so be on the lookout for that in the near future.


I just got my hands on Technique by Matthew Mello sold on PaperCrane Magic.

I have been working all day on putting a routine together for Buddy my puppet.

I will being using Matthew’s method along with another method.

Here’s a quick run down of my routine.

Buddy will ask for a volunteer. The volunteer will write down any 3 digit number they desire onto a note pad while Buddy is either blindfolded or looking away.

Once the volunteer has written down their numbers, Buddy’s blindfold will be removed. He will stare at the volunteer with deep concentration. After about 10-15 seconds, Buddy will begin to gag. I, worried Buddy is choking, give him a pat on the back of his head. I ask him if he is alright. He opens his mouth to reveal a piece of paper. I ask what the heck is that. He responds it’s a prediction he wrote down earlier in the day. I ask why it’s in his mouth. He says he swallowed it for safe keeping. He asks the volunteer to reveal the three digit number they wrote down, then buddy asks me to open up the piece of paper to reveal his prediction is the exact same three digits the volunteer had written.

No stooges are used. It can be performed again right away if I wanted to, but won’t be. The volunteer can write any 3 digit number they wish. No prompting at all.
I am still working on the presentation part to add the humour and dialogue, but that’s pretty much the trick he will be performing.


Hopefully once Dan has his routine done and on tape he will share the secret with the ventriloquist community.



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