Left Hand Or Right Hand Ventriloquist Control

I was sitting and wondering if when you are using your ventriloquist figure do you automatically use what ever hand is your dominant hand? Or I could ask it this way, if you are right handed do you use your right hand to control the figure or if you are left handed do you use your left?

You know since I am a collector I have figures that are set up with controls for the mouth on both sides of the control stick and even some with the control on the middle of the front of the head stick. It seems to me that even if you are right or left handed you should be able to control a ventriloquist figure with either hand with not too much problem. Hey some performers use two figures and so they have to use both sides of their brains to control them. Hey where is the speech center in the brain? Is it dead center?

Just thoughts of a collector.



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3 Responses to Left Hand Or Right Hand Ventriloquist Control

  1. P. Grecian says:

    I’m left handed and have always used my left hand for vent figures. Most vent figures are set up right handed, but you get used to that after awhile, because, heck, the whole world is set up right handed! If it were a real big problem, I guess I’d probably rework the levers.

  2. Steve Pataky says:

    I eat and write left handed but throw, kick, hit etc. right handed. I am naturally a left handed vent. Those figures that have good eye movement to the left but limited movement to the right I use right handed so they look more natural looking back at me. Some figures just feel better right handed but most I use left handed. Anything more than about 4 animations eyes, eyebrows, winkers. blinkers take a lot of work no matter which hand you use.

  3. I write with my right hand but I decided to have a ventriloquist figure made with the controls set up for the left hand. I wanted to keep my right dominant free to hold a microphone or to do anything else. I have a Tim Selberg woman figure that I received in April 1995. She has hand carved wooden hands and feet, which seems to be unusual. Most figures I see have cloth or some type of composite material that is used for the hands and feet. She also has breasts but her body is made from a composite material.
    Mr. Selberg did an amazing job. She can spit water from her mouth or cry tears. She can do a wide eyed effect and any number of expressions that require individual movement of the eyes and eyebrows. Her left hand can raise and lower itself via a lever on the inside of her body cavity.

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