Lee Dunn's #2 McElroy Style "Johnny" Ventriloquist Figure

I am proud to be able to offer the ventriloquist public Lee Dunn’s #2 McElroy style Johnny figure. This masterpiece is for sale right now on the Ventriloquist Marketplace.
This is a phenomenal ventriloquist figure created by Lee Dunn with over 280 hours of labor and a compilation of handmade brass parts which numbers over 200. Can you even imagine doing this type of work? There are so few today that are able to accomplish this feat. If the McElroy brothers were alive today they would take their hats off to Lee.
This Johnny style figure has the following functions: Slot jaw, opening slot jaw with automatic stick out tongue, hand painted floating weighted side to side eyes, floating weighted eyebrows, lowering eyelid with automatic pull down of the eyebrow, over ride lever for raising both eyebrows, fright flip up wig, spitter with mouth in both open or closed position, light up nose, wiggling ears and locking cradle for the head stick.
He has been totally painted by hand and is as nice as any out there. The body and hands are perfect reproductions of the McElroys’ with the wood knees and formed feet.
The  opportunity to purchase a figure like this will not come around again soon so take advantage of this super deal and say yes today to purchasing this incredible ventriloquist figure. Don’t let someone else purchase him.

Also, if the buyer wishes I can offer a perfect reproduction of the wooden McElroy case complete with the cradle to hold the head.

Check out both at the Ventriloquist Marketplace.


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