Lee Dunn Restoration of Ginger the Herbert Brighton Ventriloquist Figure

Lee Dunn as I had said has been a guest of mine over the Thanksgving holiday. He likes to do little things for me with the figures when he comes.

When he saw Ginger, Jack Breezy’s figure he asked if he could bring him back to looking more like he is supposed to and I agreed.

Lee did a wonderful job because he really didn’t repaint but filled and then blended the paints to make him look fresh. If you look at the before and after pictures I am sure you will agree.





Click here to see the before pictures

Great to have this talented artist come every so often.!!!




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One Response to Lee Dunn Restoration of Ginger the Herbert Brighton Ventriloquist Figure

  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    Another fine restoration by Lee. The figure looks as though it’s still all original, even with Lee’s “touchup”

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