Jeff Dunham's Comedy Central Christmas Special Review

I hope you all have just finished watching Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special but if not let me tell you about it. It was filmed at the Pabst Theater in Milwakee WI. He has been performing there for the past 13 years.

Jeff opened the show with his pal Walter and low and behold he was dressed in a different outfit. Red plaid shirt with red bow tie and red sweater. Walter suggested that if the show sucked they could all get drunk since the show was at the Pabst. Of course Walter didn’t want to do Christmas jokes but then conceded and actually was hilarious with his slightly off color jokes and his take on black humor. He truly is a curmudgeon.

Achmed then appeared in his Santa hat. He thinks his hat has disguised him to fit into society. Very cute bit. Of course when Achmed’s bones fall off the audience went nuts. His fear of Walter was hilarious too. Jeff’s manipulation is masterful. Jeff has found that Achmed’s bomber terrorism persona can certainly fit all situations. I loved all the Christmas carols that Achmed mentioned. Very funny especially Jingle bombs. Achmed then made Guitar guy (from YouTube) laugh that he almost could not play the guitar. Best I have seen Achmed. So funny!!! Jeff’s impromptu off the cuff humor was at it’s pinacle. I was actually roaring.

White trash Bubba Jay was next. He is a very funny character without any words. His looks just tickle you. Bubba’s letter to Santa was very cute. He told about his lighting Santa on fire coming down the chimney and how he put the fire out. You had to see this it is too hard to describe. OUTRAGEOUS is the best word to describe this bit.

Peanut of course is his usual zany self. He lets Jeff know that without him Jeff would suck!! I agree Peanut is definitely needed but boy he is as I said a ZANY character. Peanut could not control himself he was totally off the charts. Peanut introduced Jose Jalapeno on a stick and he was decorated with Christmas lights. Cool!! Peanut would not let Jose get a word in edgewise. Constantly berated Jose because of his stick!! Guitar guy came out to help Jeff and Peanut read the night before Christmas which Peanut did not want to do. He made jokes throughout the story and cracked me up!!

A really nice Christmas show and if you missed it make sure you watch the Comedy Central listings to see it again.

Good job Jeff!!



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3 Responses to Jeff Dunham's Comedy Central Christmas Special Review

  1. Larry Harris says:


    I thought the show was good, but I could tell that a lot of the good stuff was cut out for TV. I am getting the DVD just because.

    My new country cornball, “Cousin Wirley” must be a Cousin of “Bubba J.” There is so much you can do with these kinds of characters. They all originate from dear old Mort, if you catch my drift. “Bubba J” is my favorite.


    Larry Harris – ComicVent

  2. George Boosey says:

    Terry Fator was on Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas special Friday night on CMT. Terry’s Walter T. Airdale character traded barbs with Larry before doing a tribute imitation of Brooks and Dunn. Look for the rerun during the Holiday season on CMT.

  3. John King says:

    They cut out Achmed and went straight to Peanut instead! Wtf

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