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Here is a great story sent to us from Glenn Chelius. I’ll think you agree that this is worth reading.

Here’s Glenn’s email:




Hope this email finds you well. Last time I shared a vent story with you it was when we had Bob Isaacson host our annual Nothin’ Up My Sleeve show. Thanks again for sharing the story with all your viewers. Well I have another feel good story that you and your viewers might enjoy.

This year we had 12 year old Noah Simmons from Huntley IL perform his ventriloquist act with his Charlie McCarthy figure at our 10 year anniversary “Nothin’ Up My Sleeve” show that benefits Raue Center For The Arts in Crystal Lake IL. It was this show that really got the ball rolling for Noah as he now has his own YouTube channel and recently entered the Terry Fator (America’s Got Talent Season 2 Winner) contest trying to win a trip to the Ventriloquist Convention in Hebron KY and also see the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell KY. Although Noah did not win the Fator contest, the video clip that Noah submitted caught the interest of the world famous ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Noah says in his video that he hopes to be “the next Jeff Dunham”. Jeff reached out to Noahs dad and offered to take Noah to his show in Indiana and then fly he and his family to the Vent Convention. This was a complete surprise for Noah. As part of the big day Glenn Chelius, co-producer of Nothin’ Up My Sleeve and Marshall Brodien Jr were both asked by Noah’s dad to attend. Glenn presented Noah with a special gift, a professional ventriloquist figure (Dan Leighly figure) from his collection. Noah was thrilled to now have a figure with moving eyes and mouth. He was even more thrilled when Jeff arrived and brought the figure to life.

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jeff & noah

Facebook album link:

Glenn Chelius

Glenn, thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us at Ventriloquist Central.



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6 Responses to Jeff Dunham Surprise

  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    Congratulations to Glenn Chelius & Jeff Dunham for not only making a young ventriloquist very happy but promoting the Art. Thanks Glenn & Jeff !!!!

  2. Thanks, Glenn for telling my great-nephew Noah’s story! I am so very proud of him and all that he has accomplished is such a short amount of time. In just 6 months, Noah taught himself how to be a ventriloquist by watching videos on-line and following everything he could about his idol, Jeff Dunham. He auditioned and got to perform in an adult show; purchased figures with his own money plus made some of his own; entered a contest; made a whole series of YouTube videos as “The Next Jeff Dunham”; got to meet his idol, ride in his tour bus, see Jeff’s show and go back stage; and finally, have an all-expense paid trip to the Ventriloquist’s Convention! Noah Simmons is just 12 years old and my sister’s grandson and he is MY hero!! I bet you’ll hear a lot more about him in years to come! Way to go, Noah! Love, Auntie Kiya

  3. James Manalli says:

    Absolutley wonderfull of Jeff and Glenn!

  4. Wanlu says:

    Great story!

    May the good works of these kind hearted people be rewarded by God.

    We need more stories like this… which means we need more people like Jeff Dunham, Glenn Chelius and Terry Fator.

    God is good all the time!

  5. Noah Simmons says:

    Hey Dan!
    Thank you so much for posting this story
    about me and Jeff! That was the greatest
    experience ever! And It was nice meeting
    you at the conVENTion!
    Please subscribe to my YouTube.


  6. Ben Vee says:

    I’m almost jealous Noah lol

    Congrats on a great effort by you and thanks Dan for sharing his email with us.

    Another thing I love about the international vent community is there actually is a sense of community amongst us all.

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