James Manalli Ventriloquist Figure Completed

Img 0753

Ventriloquist figure builder James Manalli has completed his hand carved figure. Here’s the email and pictures he sent:

Hi Dan ,
Here are a few pics of the completed handcarved Basswood figure.
Thank you!

James Manalli

Img 0735

Img 0742

Img 0746

Img 0752

Img 0756

Img 0729

Click here if you missed the previous James Manalli progress post


Thanks, James, for sharing this process with the readers of Ventriloquist Central.



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7 Responses to James Manalli Ventriloquist Figure Completed

  1. bob abdou says:

    nice job, it would definitely draw attention once on stage, that’s what you want as a performer, kuddos to James on a project well done

  2. LeeDean says:

    Nice, different looking figure, and made of good old wood.

  3. Bob Isaacson says:

    Great job James, especially for your first carved figure. Can’t wait to see the next one . Congratulations !!

  4. scott bryte says:

    Nicely done, James!
    The feeling of satisfaction that cames with completing a wooden figure is a joy that very few ever experience! I hope you continue making friends!

  5. George Boosey says:

    Congratulations for a job well-done. Lots of character. Can wait to see you bring him to life!

  6. Ben Vee says:

    I’ve been watching Jim’s progress online with the development of this figure. I’m always in awe of seeing an artist’s work especially the progression of it. What a gift Jim has taking a block of wood and creating what will be someone’s entertainment partner for many, many years. He’s a beautiful figure and I congratulate Jim on his work.

  7. Dave Boiano says:

    Thought I’d add a note that this figure has a new home – mine!
    For those who haven’t seen it, you can see pictures of him with his new hat and violin case for his “gat” here;

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