How Many Charlie McCarthy Figures

I was contacted with a good question asking me if I knew how many Charlie McCarthy figures were made for Edgar Bergen. I am sure that there were many but I was only able to give the questionnaire a definitive total of three.

Those three figures are:

1) The Charlie in the Smithsonian
2) The Charlie in the Radio and Broadcast Museum
3) The Charlie in the David Copperfield Collection.

David Copperfield also owns the original Frowning Charlie

I thought it was a very good subject to throw out to all of you and if you know of any other originals and where they may be please let us know.




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3 Responses to How Many Charlie McCarthy Figures

  1. David Canada says:


    I remember reading an article about the number of Charlies there were…but can’t remember who wrote it or when it was published. I seem to remember that the Bergen family has someone who still authenticates and documents Bergen’s figures as they turn up. I can’t remember who that is though. Maybe some of your readers will remember this.

    To your list of original Charlies I would add: at least one “frowning” Charlie from “Fun and Fancy Free.” There may have actually been more figures made for that film.

    It is a good question.


  2. Hi Dave and thanks but I did include the frowning Charlie if you go back and read the blog. It is in the David Copperfield collection.

  3. Ony Carcamo says:

    In her autobiography, Candice Bergen (on page 332 of the paperback) wrote his father had 3 Charlie heads.

    Meanwhile, Finis Robinson (in an article about Bergen) said that Bergen himself revealed to him that there were 6 different Charlies!

    Oh, no… this Charlie mystery goes on and on and on…

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