Happy Birthday to Ventriloquist Peter Rich

One of San Antonio’s finest, ventriloquist Peter Rich is 87 years young today.

This quote about Peter comes from Bob Abdou (www.mrpuppet.com)……

“Peter contributes his longevity to clean living and clean liquor!!”

Thanks Bob.

peter rich birthday

Happy Birthday, Peter!




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One Response to Happy Birthday to Ventriloquist Peter Rich

  1. bobby babbitt says:

    i worked w/ Pete Rich, in 1972, i was a Sax player from Toledo, Ohio.
    my name is Bob Babbitt, & i was a Singer & Sax player w/ The Babbette Bardot Revue in 1972. Pete worked w/ us in Toledo, Ohio & in Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the Klondike Days.
    Pete was the best !
    “Yes in deedy, my grand daddy”, that was ‘our’ secret code to alert Pete that i was ‘occupied’ w/ a lady in my dressing room…
    Love you Pete !

    bob babbitt

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