Guest Blog – Ventriloquist Lee Wolfson From Sarasota, Florida

Lee Wolfson sent in this great article about “Open Mics” along with a video of one of his performances.


Why open mic
This is a great time to find an open mic or have a musician friend help you start one.
Every thing is right. All you need is a room like a café, coffee shop or lounge and a free listing in your local paper. With a little work the artist will follow. While the economy is in its slump people are looking to be entertained, money is tight and your local business is looking for ideas to increase customers. For artist like musicians, poets, writers, comedians, magicians and ventriloquist it is a great way to network.

What is so great about open mic
What if you never found a stage or that one time you performed you found yourself in over your head. Let’s look at the positive side of your effort. How many times have you been on a stage? How much practice went into that five minute skit? I know you have the answer or do you?

Go to an open mic
Challenge yourself… go on stage or go home and practice the show you were going to perform. Now are you ready to take the open mic challenge again. Every day is different and every audience is going to test you just a little different and when you start to test the room and the audience, you will go from Ow to OOOwKay

Ok so you don’t know any one that has bombed on stage and the world you live in is just so great that you can’t seem to find any really bad open mic performers. Break out of your shell, break through before you die in that cocoon that your world created for you.

Some of the best material comes from performing and if you don’t start to share what you love, you will find yourself only giving giving giving or is that I want I want I want. OK step back take a deep breath and put your best skit to the test.

When things get slow the slow get going. Make your world take notice. Inspire some one.
Become a comedy ventriloquist and cheer up the people that are near to you and they will thank you.

And when you have to look back the memories will be awesome. The art of ventriloquism is a means to communicate great magic.

Lee Wolfson

Thanks, Lee.



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