Give Us Your Vote!!!

Since it’s election time….we want your VOTE!!! 

I am so happy that the past couple blogs caused a bit of excitement and comments and so with the help of my wonderful webmaster, Steve Hurst, we have decided to make this thread run a bit longer by getting everyone involved with an honest public survey or maybe we can call this a poll (located in the right hand column).
We will leave this up to you to give us your vote for which type control, cord ( string) or direct linkage you prefer. We will let this run for one week and at the end we will publish the results so we all will know which style is liked best. I hope you enjoy this and I am sure it will be fun.



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4 Responses to Give Us Your Vote!!!

  1. Tony Davis says:

    I vote corded controls.

  2. Dan Willinger says:

    Tony thanks for the vote. Make sure you also use the poll on the column next to this blog!! Dan

  3. Al Stevens says:

    Your poll needs a “both” selection. Many figures from Frank Marshall forward use both, string linkage for the jaw and direct linkage for side-to-side moving eyes.

  4. BILL NELSON says:


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