Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure Hands Redux

Not too long ago I did a blog about Frank Marshall and his carved hands. I was able to show you his hands being carved and done in stages. If you missed that posting please click here.

Now we all know Frank used duplicarver heads but many of you may not know that he also used a duplicarver for his hands as well and I can prove this to you. To carve every hand individually is a time consuming effort and also after having over fifty of Frank’s figures I thought it most unusual that the hands were always exact to each other except for some very slight variations to the finger tips. Well here is the reason why. The hands were done on a duplicarver machine and were connected at the finger tips. All Frank had to do was separate them and finish the ends of the fingers.

This duplicarver is made out of maple which is a very hard wood so the stylus of the duplicarving machine could go over it and not make any damage to the master. I hope you enjoy looking at this wonderful Frank Marshall item that is part of the Ventriloquist Central collection.















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  1. Bob Conrad says:

    Thanks Dan;

    You always find something interesting to write about. I have learned so much from reading this blog, and I have been building puppets for over 50 years.

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