Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure Fools Even Me

Two weeks ago we posted the email that came in to me from my friend Ony and he showed us his newest member to his posse of ventriloquist figures a Frank Marshall Ricky Tik (if you missed the blog, click here).

I looked at the pictures and said to myself wow another Marshall figure in the Philippines. I knew immediately that it was not Frank’s paint and also the mouth was a bit off (I thought Frank might have been drinking) but hey it was a Marshall Ricky figure.

Ony did us in as well a quite a few others and so I wanted to share his email to me explaining this figure…



Hi Dan,

Matt and I were talking and I told him of my interesting idea: what if I send you and some of our vent friends the Tik pictures WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING first about the figure. No info, just pictures.

I’d just say you’ll sure be interested with the pictures. And I told you you’ll chuckle for sure upon learning his story.

I also sent the pictures to a few of our vent friends, without saying anything first.

Then we were surprised to learn most of them thought this is pure Marshall, including you! Many guessed this is a Marshall, only one said it’s a Hartz.

When I finally revealed to them this is an exact replica that I made and painted, they were surprised.

Here is how the replica originally looked when it came to me.


Matt said it’s a cast from an original Rickie Tik that he just painted casually. I cut the mouth out, created the inside of the mouth, the teeth, the simple mechanism inside (I only wanted a mouth movement) and the wooden control rod, and placed the plastic eyes I had. Finally I repainted him, while adding the “Marshall texture” on the skin, and put a nice wig on.

The body is made from an original Hartz body I have. I just made it smaller to accommodate the smaller Rickie Tik head. In the end he stands about 36″.

The product is a light-weight urethane Marshall I won’t be afraid (of breaking!) to use regularly, day in and day out, in any venue!

I was about to also email you the story when Matt wrote now in your blog. Thanks to Matt for this wonderful Marshall replica!

Thanks Dan for also “participating” in my little “guessing game” even though it’s not April Fool’s Day!

Ony Carcamo, Ventriloquist





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