Frank Marshall and His Ears


I was asked a great question. Am I able to identify a Frank Marshall figure by way of his ears? Most people seem to think that Frank’s ears are all the same. I thought it was a valid question because many of the figures do have very similar style ears but there are some by Frank that just do not fit the norm.

Frank of course learned the business from the Macks so you will see some are very similar to the Mack figures but then look at the different styles which evolved.

So to answer the question of if I can identify a Marshall just from the ears I must say no.

Click here to see the different ears of Frank Marshall’s figures




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2 Responses to Frank Marshall and His Ears

  1. Curtis Jones says:

    I wonder if the ears differ on the figures that were carved completely by hand verses the duplicarved figures.

    Even the noseys, while similar are different

    Number 9 is the most detailed ear in the bunch. Some look like the were carved and added later- wiggling ears ?

    A figure is a sum of it’s parts, all of Frank’s figures are works of art.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lee Dean says:

    As I recall, either from Berger or Marshall himself, the ears were “stylized” meaning a method or manner of merely suggesting, as did Michaelangelo in some stone sculpturing. Marshall only suggested ears by general shape and couple of gouged lines, with no great attention to detail. The same was true for Spencer but whose style was more of a rounded ear and that was about it. When you emphasize everything you emphasize nothing, so Marshall paid more attention to other dominant features in matching vent to figure. I remember Berger saying as such by his example, Nelson has a long neck and so Marshall made Danny to have a long neck.

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