eBay Fraud Alert Update

I feel it is my duty to alert everyone to things like the fraudulent auction on eBay yesterday. I only wish I could do more for the ventriloquist community. I immediately recognized the Mortimer picture as having been a figure that was owned by Bill Nelson and he had a very hard time about 8 months ago with this scammer trying to sell using Bill’s pictures. He and I thought this guy was taken down but unfortunately he reared his head again.

Last time he had hacked into Bill’s bidder list and was using them to do the fraudulent sales. This is why I wanted everyone to know not to bid. This hacker is good and once he has your eBay name he somehow is able to get your password and then repeats the procedure.

Always remember the add age ” If it sounds too good to be true…..” You will never find a Mortimer Snerd figure for a starting price with no reserve for 99 cents or 9.99. It just isn’t going to happen. Also any sale that asks you to contact them outside of eBay for a quick buy price, well the bells and whistles should be going off.

I appreciate all those that emailed me thanking me for the update but I just want everyone to be safe in this internet world in which we all now play.

Ebay was contacted by me and others I am sure, and the listing was taken down in just a few hours after being listed. I also contacted the seller whose name had been used and told him he had to contact eBay to change his user name and password. Hopefully this will not happen again very soon.




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