Dan Payes – A True Original Ventriloquist Figure Maker

I have known Dan Payes since I first started collecting ventriloquist figures. He happened to be selling a Gode figure , from India, and I thought it was very different so I purchased it from him. He then sold me over the next couple years quite a few figures which he took in trade. He is a figure maker that has got to be the edgiest to come along in many many years.
Dan does it all. He sculpts, makes molds, pours his own castings, does the mechanics, and then does a 4 stage paint job. I can attest to the fact that his paint has progressed to be some of the best work out there right now.
He has told me that he wanted to get away from the standard look and make his figures make a statement and I certainly think he has done that. No two figures are alike and he always pushes the envelope. I have owned many of Dan’s figures over the past ten years and I have never had a problem with any one of them. They do stand up to use, the mechanics are smooth and very quiet. He uses mannequin composition , which to me is very reminiscent of plastic wood both in feel and weight.
Dan has done some one of a kind figures too and also has made figures for a few of the top professional ventriloquists out there. So that being said if you are in the market for a great, unique, and visually expressive figure you must check out Dan Payes.

Here is his web address www.danpayespuppetry.com .


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4 Responses to Dan Payes – A True Original Ventriloquist Figure Maker

  1. Larry Harris says:


    A nice job on Dan Payes and his amazing figures. Dan seems to have a knack for what I am looking for before I even tell him. How weird is that.

    There is no one today that is doing what Dan is doing figure wise today. Correct me if I am wrong.

    With Dan, it is never just another “Cheeky Boy.” I do have witnessed the evolution of Dan Payes as one of the very best at his craft. The sky is truly the limit with respect to what you will see Dan create next.


    Larry Harris – ComicVent

  2. I own a dan payes myself. I consider him one of the best in the world. Weight is outstanding. Very useful foe me as I work on cruise ships.

    I will be in touch with dan for many years to come.


  3. victor m. says:

    saludos,como esta querido amigo,estoy interesado en comprar un muñeco ventrilocuo,yo tengo un modelo y me gustaria que lo veas y me informas si me lo puedes realizar,yo vivo en venezuela -caracas,lo felicito por el trabajo tan creaTIVO QUE DESARROLLA.ESPERANDO PRONTA RESPUESTA,GASTOS Y PRESUPUESTO,GRACIAS .TU AMIGO VICTOR PARRA

  4. David says:

    I also have a Dan Payes Figure. Very light weight and my very first female doll . The price is very good too .

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