Clinton Detweiler Tribute from Terry Fator

you tube terry fator tribute to clinton detweiler

There have been many comments and tributes being talked about throughout the ventriloquist community regarding Clinton Detweiler. A lot has been said on Facebook as well.

Since I know there are many who are not on Facebook, Terry Fator posted this tribute and I know others would like to see it as well.



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8 Responses to Clinton Detweiler Tribute from Terry Fator

  1. Mike Palma says:

    That my friends is a Classy Man! Great job Terry!

  2. Keith Suranna says:

    Terry, that was absolutely beautiful. My wife and I are sitting here with tears in our eyes. Thank you, Dan and Steve for posting this. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

  3. Marcelo Melison says:

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful person from a really beautiful person… Terry, you are a real gentleman. God bless you.

  4. Mark Bartlett says:

    Wonderful tribute to a wonderful man who was
    a wonderful friend and inspiration to our ven-
    triloquist family. I believe you spoke for all of us.
    Mark Bartlett

  5. Cal says:

    Terry’s in a class of his owna and a class act!

  6. Bill Smith says:

    What a wonderful, heartfelt tribute that was!`Thanks for sharing that Dan & steve. It’s So nice to see such a big name vent being open with his emotions over such a great man as Clinton. I met Terry at the 2008 conVENTion, his first ever, & am here to tell anyone who has not been fortunate enough to meet him yet, that he is even nicer offstage than he seems onstage. A true gentelman in the very best sense of the word. BRAVO Terry!

  7. Jimmy Smith says:

    Wonderful tribute to Mr. D

  8. Rosco says:

    That…was very special.
    I got my first start into ventriloquism from Clinton, who gave me the only instructions I have ever had.
    Thank you Clinton, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again some day.

    Terry, you are a most gracious person. I am very proud of you on many levels.
    Thank you, for everything.

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