CIVEAR …. Circle of Argentine Ventriloquists

Our good friend Marcelo from Canada / Argentina sent me in an email explaining about CIVEAR and I had to share it with everyone who reads my blog.

Instead of me trying to explain it, just read the Marcelo’s email below and click on the link and see what is happening in the Southern Western Hemisphere concerning ventriloquism…..

Hello Dan:
First of all, let me tell you how much I keep enjoying your blog, I read it ever day, I never miss it. Thanks for all the wonderful information and opinions, we always learn from them.

I don’t know if it would be interesting for the readers of your blog, but would you consider to write an entry about the CIVEAR?. I’ll explain you what it is; CIVEAR stands for (in spanish) Circle of Argentine Ventriloquists. A friend, Miguel Angel Lembo, and myself, created it back in 1999 (a couple of months before my emmigrating to Canada). It is the ONLY association of its type in ALL Latin America (and I could include Spain too), it just passed the ten years mark and it’s stronger than ever. The Circle meets the first Monday of every month (except January and February, the hottest summer months in Argentina) and in every meeting there are lectures, information, event planning, etcetera. Ventriloquists from all over the world are invited to visit its website and send photos and information to its webmaster.

Miguel Angel Lembo, the president of the Circle, is not only a great friend of mine and a heck of a ventriloquist (and musician and composer and writer), but he won many awards these past years. He has a great technique, he can sing with his dummy using two voices at the same time (believe it or not, sometimes THREE voices, when he sings with two figures) like Fred Ketch or Bill Boley. He is the author of one of the very few books on ventriloquism written in spanish, and for the next edition I’m writing a little chapter on how to make a simple figure using papier mache.

If you like to take a look at the website, the address is , it’s a great looking website. So: a quick spanish lesson is in order, to better navigate the website: RESE√ĎA= History; NOSOTROS= We ( as in “who are we”); CIVEMUNDO= international vents who posted their photo in the website; ACERCATE= join us; SERVICIOS= guess that one, Dan, it’s easy!; ARTICULOS= articles; RECUERDOS= memories, mementos; LINKS= well… links. To go from page to page: MAS= more, next page; VOLVER= go back (to previous page).

Please, Dan, let me know what you think, if it’s worth it to let your readers know about the CIVEAR and I’ll be delighted to help you to better understand this crazy language of mine! Ha ha ha!
Enjoy your Sunday, take care.
Your friend Marcelo.

Well, Marcelo, here you go. It’s here for everyone to see. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us.




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4 Responses to CIVEAR …. Circle of Argentine Ventriloquists

  1. LeeDean says:

    Marcelo, mucho gracias. LeeDean

  2. LeeDean says:

    The Amazing Ballantine is gone, died last Tuesday, I saw him perform his comic magic at the 1955 combined IBM/IBV convention in Pittsburgh (all magic tricks malfunctioned), probably remembered most for funny part he had on McHale’s Navy, the TV show, and maybe some on CIVEAR will remember him.

  3. Bill Smith says:


    What a GREAT looking group you have over there!! Wish we had this HERE!! I’ve ALWAYS wished there were clubs for vents like there are for magicians, but obviously, as there are no where NEAR as many vents as magicians, this is not to be. PLUS, magic is more varied. & each branch of it has ALOT of variety to it. Keep up the great work over there!! I enjoyed watching your one member recieve that award! Thanks so much for sharing! Makes me wish I knew the language!!

  4. Rodolfo says:

    LeeDean, Hi Read the April 17 meets The Doll Pepito 54 years continuous activity and perhaps the character with more years of experience in life.
    I invite you to meet with the most prominent ventriloquists in the world most complete site of the Argentine ventriloquist and the dummy Aredes Rodolfo Pepito where you’ll find everything about ventriloquists, artists, their dolls, their cell , addresses, shopping, artisans, all the books, movies, CDs, posters, courses you can download the material that interests you to learn and promotions and much more is a site open to all ventriloquists in the world with data to verify each other, if you know a ventriloquist, bazaar or craft is not there you can add it as so any show that has the participation of a man and his doll.
    Thank you very much

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