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We received this email from Dawn Shipp, a nursery nurse working at an infant school in the UK. I wrote to her and let her know that we would post this on the blog to see if any of you can help her out.

Here’s the email:

My name is Dawn Shipp and I am a Nursery Nurse working at an infant school in Hemel Hempstead Herts UK with children aged 4 – 7. I work mainly with quite troubled children on a 1-1 basis or sometimes in very small groups. I also have completed a year’s course in play therapy and use this to help children who may be looked after children and vulnerable children on a daily basis within the class. (mainly trying to integrate the children into classrooms and mainstream school) Many of the children have social and emotional problems that I work with on a daily basis. This can be from neglect to abuse self harm and sometimes from sibling or parental abuse and to the extreme self harm. (yes even children at this age!! very sad) One of the ways I can get through to the children is through puppet work. The children often use the puppets as a voice for themselves. They find it easier to open up if the puppet is talking and of course it works the other way round so if I am asking them to do something of course the puppet said it! I am currently working 1-1 with a very special little boy who is 6. His world at the moment is very turbulent and he adores any kind of puppets. Each subject for him has a different face depending on his moods (cat is for a good mood, crocodile angry etch) Unfortunately for me I have no budget and often rely on second hand puppets and simple hand puppets. Just looking at puppets makes my heart smile as I imagine how wonderful it would be to own an amazing puppet that would inspire the kids. One important part of Play Therapy is also challenging issues that the children may have buried as very young children or may simply may not remember. This is why I am after a ‘baby’ puppet and was wishfully thinking and wondering if anyone has a baby puppet that they have and could donate to me for using with the young children. Maybe an old one that is not being used anymore! I have been looking for quite a long time for a baby puppet. (I am sorry if you think this may be a bit cheeky, but I know the value and power these puppets have with young children and a baby puppet is on my wish list!!)

Thank you for reading this mail.

Please feel free to ask my any questions about the work I do in the school. If possible please could you let me know either way if you can help?

Yours hopefully
Dawn Shipp


Please contact Dawn if you can help her.



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4 Responses to Can You Help?

  1. Ben Vee says:

    I sent Dawn an email only to have it bounce back as delivery failure (yes I removed the space in the address). Can you confirm that it is correct please Dan?

  2. Steve Hurst says:

    Hi Ben…..the email address is correct now (gotta love autocorrect).

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


  3. Dawn Shipp says:

    Hi Ben.

    you can also try
    you can contact me on either of these emails.



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