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Over the past week or so you may have noticed a banner that we have been showing which gives you a link to a page talking about “The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1”. I thought since many of you may not have clicked on this link I would provide it here within this blog.

Click here for “The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1.”

Building a dummy can be a challenging task to say the least but my webmaster Steve Hurst, who worked with and learned from the Master Builder Ray Guyll, has put all his knowledge into this 11 disc set of Cd’s and Dvd’s (including bonuses). And believe me they are great. Everything you ever wanted to know about building a ventriloquist figure is here from sculpting, casting, painting, and mechanizing your own ventriloquist figure.

This will keep you at your computer screen for over 4 hours and gives you both video instruction as well a photos to go by. Everything you need is included in this course right down to the resources needed for purchasing the materials needed to do your project.

You know I have been a collector but now that I have watched this set of instructional dvds and cds I know that with some time I too could build a figure from start to finish and would have no questions left unanswered.

When Steve told me he was going to put this course together I said this is great because there can never be enough information about this great art and I must say Steve has outdone himself. I am sure once you receive your set you will be giving Steve accolades too.



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