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It is hard to believe that today is the 20th anniversary of the passing away of one of the most talented builders of both wood (Marshall style) and Fiberglass (McElroy style) ventriloquist figures. Brian Hamilton was from Chicago IL and in his very young years produced some amazing ventriloquist figures. I am please to be able to say that I myself own a few of his creations and they are exceptional figures. There is not telling how great this fellow could have become if he had lived.

Lee Dunn, an owner of a great McElroy style Hamilton figure, sent in this very nice ad for me to show you which offered his figures for sale. Check out that high price for one of his creations. His starting price was $750.00 and went up depending on the functions you ordered for the figure. $750.00 today may not seem like a lot of money but in 1988 dollars it was quite a tidy sum.

The figure shown in this ad happens to be the one that is currently owned by Bob Isaacson and is one of only a handful of the McElroy style figures that Brian ever created. I hope you enjoy looking at the ad.

Click Here for Brian Hamilton Ad

Brian, you can rest assured that your memory lives on in all of us in the ventriloquial world.



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  1. christian says:

    the figure on the ad is Bob Isaacson’s hamilton figure

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